Monday, May 26, 2014

Where have I been?

A couple of years have gone by and I have missed out on sewing. 
Life has thrown me a few curve balls. I have had so much happening that my sewing room has only been a stacking zone for things that don't belong there.

I sold my business and helped my parents move twice, aquiring a lot of there stuff in the process.  my father passed away in January of 2015 and I moved my mom again. I have been selling a lot of there things at an antique mall. I blog about that at .
I am now taking care of mom as she has gone through a hip repair that failed, and now is getting ready for a total hip replacement.  This has created an opportunity for lots of hand sewing. 

I want to share some of those things for now, and if I  ever get back to my machines, I will hopefully start cleaning off the cutting table and start stitching daily again.

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